私は音楽レーベルを探しています。私をプロデュースしてください! 私の歌は日本語で歌うことも、バンドで録音することもOKです。連絡して下さい!


ヘムチャと言いえば,別名はマチュー バルボザと言って、詩的でナイーブな歌の作曲家。豊かで和やかなアコースティックの音楽スタイルで、超現実的で移動世界について、フランス語や英語でかわいい歌詞を書いて歌って、東京に住んでいる若いフランス人です。最初のCDには歌が七曲が入れて、この歌はポップミュージックから愛の歌まで、後はフラメンコフォルク・バラードや中年の民謡な歌です。
Nicolas Boblin is the second singer of Hemutia but he especially played most of all the instruments in the album: acoustic and electric guitars, bass, bouzouki, synthetizer, cajun, claps, and many more...
He's the lead singer and guitarist in the french alternative rock band White Note, which already released 2 albums, as well as a musician in an irish folklore band touring in France.
Paul Jarret played almost all the guitar solos in Hemutia's album, along with some mandolin.
He's the founder guitarist of the PJ5 Jazz Quintet, but also the co-leader of french alternative rock band White Note. He's also a member of many other musical projects (jazz, rock, songs, theater) in the Paris music & arts scene.
Sébastien Renault is responsible for all the mixing of Hemutia's album, but he also implemented some songs of the album with additionnal acoustic guitars or electric basses.
He's a sound engineer based in Paris but above all a music composer for cinema, theatre and documentary films, as well as a short-movies director.
Dimitris Bouchez put some drums in Hemutia's album. He mainly is the drummer in french alternative rock band White Note but also a drummer for other musical projects like Paulin' Stone and a drums teacher.
Marjorie Fontaine made a smart easter-eggish appearance in Hemutia's album with her hurdy gurdy, in the song À la Fontaine (at the Fountain) which seemed fated for her! She's a talented hurdy gurdy player and a french musician.
Enzo Clark performed the final mastering for Hemutia's album: working in studios on many sound projects, he's above all the guitarist and singer founder of the band Blue Chill with already several albums of them on sale.
Éléonore Defer has corrected the design established by Hemutia for the album cover, and helped in the marketing process. She's the singer in the solo project LEO and a member of the Blue Belles Garces band ("Blue Belles Chicks"), as well as a promoter for many musical and arts festivals in France and abroad.
André Berlemont created the website for Hemutia: as a violin player fond of Jazz and music, he founded the independant video games makers collective One Life Remains, working on many appearances in festivals as on the Iphone Applications Store, as well as performing in Paris and in France with successful visual and audio creations.
Opal Edgar designed the soon-to-be famous Hemutia symbol, the "Star Flower": she's an australian artist and above all a writer, with many horror and fantasy short stories published in anthologies or gatherings available in the United States, in United Kingdom and on the Web.

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